Faculty of Dentistry

History of Dentistry Faculty of M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky begins with1963. Development of practical public health in the Donets Basin in the years demandedan urgent strengthening of dental services in our region and a significant increase in the State of dentists, especially in rural areas. It was at this time was organized by thetraining of this profile in medical schools in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk. The first issue of dentists in June 1968. Over the past decade on the faculty of our medical universitytrained about 7000 specialists, is now working in our country and abroad.

Ranked Among the graduates of our faculty – well-known people in the country, had won the respect and prestige of his high professional and personal qualities: Professor AV Pavlenko, Head Specialist MOH of Ukraine, Institute of Dentistry at the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. PL Shupyk; AN Horde for a long time led by the Office of Health Donetsk Regional State Administration, and then worked in the MLO of Ukraine, Prof. G. Don, who headed the Department of Dentistry and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education DNMU, and unfortunately , prematurely deceased; AP Scherban, Chief Specialist, Department of Health Visiting Donetsk regional state administration, the chief doctor at a local dental clinic.
During its existence the department has developed a cohesive team of teachers and researchers with high creative potential, capable of providing the educational process at a high level, owning modern medical-diagnostic technologies. The faculty consists of nine departments: the Department of Pathological Physiology (Head – Corresponding Member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Victor N. Yale), radiology and radiation of Anatomy (Head – Professor Ivan Petrovich Vakulenko), dermatology (Head – Prof. Rushan Fatihovich Ayzyatulov), surgical diseases of the dentalDepartment (Head – Professor Alexander G. Grintsov), dentistry (Head – Prof. Alexander P. Pedorets) dental surgery (Head – Prof. Igor sailor-Taranets), Prosthodontics (Head – Professor Vladimir A. Klemin), pediatric dentistry (Head – MD Ivan Chizhevsky), propaedeutic Dentistry (Head – professor Alexander A. Hoopoe). Currently, 118 faculty members have a 70 degree, including 15 doctors and 55 candidates of medical sciences. In the departments of the faculty teach 14 professors, 52 associate professors and 52 assistants.


Over the years, dental faculty was headed by:
Nicholas Trankvilitati – MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Pathological Physiology in 1960-1971 years., The first dean of the faculty from 1967 to 1972. Under his leadership, was the formation of dental faculty. Member of the Great Patriotic War, he was an excellent speaker, a brilliant scientist, a real tutor the younger generation of doctors. N. Trankvilitati was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War. Red Star, the Badge of Honor, many medals.
Ivan Chizhevsky – MD, Associate Professor, Head of Dentistry childhood, Dean of the Faculty from 1972 to 1991. Thousands of qualified dentists issued a faculty-led JV Chizhevskogo for twenty years, his work as dean. Ivan – the founder and longtime head of the department of pediatric dentistry.
Tatyana Semenova – MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, the dean of the faculty from 1991 to 1994. Much attention is paid Tatyana improving the educational process at the Department, under her leadership the first time in Ukraine was held in the computer test profile department.
Alexandr genuine – PhD, associate professor of dentistry, Dean of the Faculty from 1994 to 1998. Alexandr actively engaged pedagogy of higher education, the introduction of new learning technologies and monitoring of students’ knowledge, he was at the forefront of the integrated test exam in dentistry.

Since 1998, Dean worked in this line-up: Dean – Head of the propaedeutic Dentistry, Associate Professor A. A Hoopoe, deputy dean – Associate Professor of Physiology, VF Andreev and assistant professor of prosthodontics B. I. Avsyankin, manager Dean VS Otrohova.

Many years of his life given to serving the high ideals of the medical and educational veterans Faculty of Dentistry, is now working and has gone on a holiday: Professor E. J. Vares, VR Okushko, VN Butsenko, M. S. Kamenetsky, In . N. Romanenko, docents, LP Davydova, VM Pavlenko, G. Zinoviev, AK Levenets, VN Chigrinets, M. S. Polyak, G. Tkachenko, and others.

Faculty teachers spend most professional work with the applicants. As a result, in the present, as in the past year, set in the first year amounted to 150 persons, ie all seats were occupied. In the current academic year, faculty taught 686 students, 169 of them – on the basis of the state budget and 517 – on the contract.
All departments of the faculty provided with adequate classrooms, facilities for teachers, medical rooms, operating theaters, laboratories. At the departments have computers, televisions, VCRs, slide projectors, and other technical training. This year, the university administration to address the first in Ukraine phantom center for preclinical training of future dentists, equipped with modern phantoms and simulators.
In 1997 the faculty for the first time in Ukraine was carried out one test exam in dentistry recommended by MOH of Ukraine as an experiment in the phased implementation of a system of licensing state final examinations in higher medical education institutions of III and IV levels of accreditation. Since 2000, the license test examination “Step 2.Stomatolopya “has become a prerequisite for admission to the state finals. The most important achievements include the best in Ukraine, the results shown by the students of our faculty in the licensing exams. This means that the state certification confirmed a high level of quality of training at the faculty DNMU.

On the authority of the department deserved in Ukraine was highlighted by the standing invitation to the expert committees of the National Test Center of Ukraine immediately MLO four specialist departments of the faculty: Professor VA Klemina, associate LI Kosareva, AA Muzychinoy, LA Moiseytsevoy. As part of a working group of the Ministry of the leading teachers of the faculty participated in the creation of state standards of higher education trends “medicine” specialty “Stomatology” draft Regulation on practical oriented state final examination in dentistry in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Convention, which was subsequently adopted by the Ministry. In 2004 a test for the first time in Ukraine has been prepared and successfully carried it on our faculty.According to the chairmen of the State Examination Commission in different years, this is evidence that the training of graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry DNMU done in a professional manner.

The faculty is constantly looking for new, more sophisticated and effective forms of knowledge and skills of students that can help to fully and objectively assess the level of theoretical and practical training of each student. In all departments of the faculty there is the bank of test items, which is used for all types of controls, including the conversion exams. Departments spend a lot of work for the publication of manuals, including electronic learning materials in Ukrainian, Russian and English, developed variants of multimedia lectures, educational software, qualimetric tests of the new format, which received a certificate of copyright law, made the model, dummies, simulators, training videos are removed.

Speaking of scientific and pedagogical potential of the faculty, it should be noted that the faculty are highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in scientific, educational and medical work. Only in the last five years are protected and approved by four doctoral and 19 master’s theses, published 21 monographs, received 116 patents of Ukraine and Russia, etc. The best scientists of the University are: Corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor VN Yale, professors and . P. Vakulenko, Y. H. Hook, A. G. Grintsov, VA Klemin, I. Sailor-Taranets, RF Ayzyatulov, MB Pervak, AP Pedorets, T . K. Pedorets, docents LP Linchevsky, AA Muzychina, EA Gontar, IA tube, EV Kotlubey, D. C. Kalinowski, OI Gubanov, J. E. Belik, VE Zhdanov and many others.

Departments maintain stable scientific relations with the departments of medical universities of Ukraine and CIS countries, dental associations in Russia, Belarus and other countries, international organizations, carry out joint programs and projects.
Actively carried out the research work of students. Many times students of the Faculty won prizes at intercollegiate competitions, All-Ukrainian student competitions restoration and scientific conferences. Among the best – excellent pupils Dmitry Sklyarenko, Irina Don, Andrew across, Safonova Natalia, Xenia Vyatkina, Victoria Olshanskaya, Yuri Cherkez, George Apekunov, Chelyah Elena, Elena Lukyanchikova, Elena Parkhomenko, Catherine Yakubenko and others.

Describing the clinical departments of the Faculty of Dentistry, we can say that despite the difficulties associated with inadequate funding for health care institutions, this work is conducted in a professional manner. The department has highly qualified professionals, possessing modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, actively develop and implement practical health advanced technologies, which are the true leaders in their field. Most teachers have the highest category of medical specialty, “Dentistry”. In the departments of medical and dental work propaedeutic teachers, whose professional skills in the field of restoration technologies have repeatedly been highly appreciated in numerous Ukrainian and regional competitions. At the Department of Operative Dentistry and Maxillo-facial department № 2 № 1 TSGKB Donetsk Interregional Center was created to provide specialized care to children with congenital and acquired diseases of the maxillofacial region. Confirmation of acceptance of relevant departments of the leading positions in Ukraine, Faculty of Dentistry is the annual international exhibition “Stomatologіya. Medicine. Lіki “, which are conducted at our university, and confined him to scientific conferences, which bring together representatives of world-renowned manufacturers of dental equipment and materials. In our department come to study and learn from physicians from many areas of Ukraine.

Prospects for further development of the dental faculty are associated primarily with improving the quality of training of dentists in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Convention, orientation training for professional activity, the preparation of a dentist general practice based on modern medical-diagnostic technologies. One of the priorities is, of course, informatization and computerization of the educational process.An important role in training the next generation of doctors must be given to education of high moral and ethical qualities. In this respect the key role played by personal example of teachers – professional and intellectual in the highest sense of those words.

The faculty fully supported by the glorious artistic and sporting traditions established in the distant 60’s and 70’s. A galaxy of high-level athletes out of the walls of the dental faculty. Many times our faculty won prizes at the festival concerts and vnutriuniversitetskih debut concert performances freshmen. Gained widespread popularity of the faculty’s student theater pop miniatures. The participants were in the university team at numerous festivals KVN KVN and Faculty of Dentistry has become the first champion DNMU XXI century. At the first festival of Ukrainian league of KVN teams of dental faculties of medical schools of the country, our team won the championship and since then has regularly participated in annual festivals in the cities of Poltava and Kharkov. Brilliant witty concert numbers, a high creativity shown during the presentations at various stages of our current and former students, Alexander Breygin, Artem Fly, Natalia Orlova, Dmitry Vasilenko, Alexander Zolotenko, Alexei Borisov, Vadim Slautsky, Alex Sobol, Stanislav Pershin, Anna Arakelyan, Vitaly Popov, Konstantin Tkachenko and others.

A tradition at the Faculty in recent years has become a celebration of awarding diplomas to the graduates, dentists. There have parting words and sincere wishes of teachers, well-known figures of culture and sports, jokes and funny songs first-year students, but in the eyes of many graduates – with tears. It is not easy to say goodbye to students bratstvoi. Leading the way – great complex life. But no matter how steep and winding road of life may be, whether in happiness, hardships and bitterness, let our graduates has a high light target, let them always illuminates the path of a bright star by the name of love – love of the people, to their chosen profession, to the native alma mater !