DNMU Admission Center

The DNMU Admission Centre is working to make all necessary arrangements for admissions of foreign students in M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute). The DNMU admission centre’s main activities are the following:


  1. Make advertisements through internet, TV, Newspapers locally and internationally
  2. Provide complete information to students about DNMU and admission process
  3. Issuance of invitation letters to deserving candidates
  4. Assist students in visa processing
  5. Receiving students at the airports and complete the admission process
  6. Appoint local agents for recruitment of students
  7. Issuance of authorization certificate to agents for recruitment
  8. Provide printed materials to agents about DNMU
  9. Provide complete information to agents about Ukraine, Donetsk and DNMU.
  10. Provide information to agents about admission & visa process for students.
  11. Settlement of students in DNMU Hostels after their arrival
  12. Opening of bank accounts for students at bank in University Campus
  13. Provide new students with learning materials