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About DNMU

About university

M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University ranks first among Ukrainian medical universities constantly since 2001 till 2015 according to the rating of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of Ukraine

About Ukraine

About Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (after European part of Russia). Ukraine is a country with more than a thousand years of history and traditions that originate in antiquity.

DNMU admission center

DNMU admission center

The DNMU Admission Centre is working to make all necessary arrangements for admissions of foreign students in M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute).

Words from rector

As a Rector of State Higher Medical Educational Establishment of Ukraine ”Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovohrad Medical Institute)”, I would like to congratulate every one of you for selecting medicine as your career.

I would like to remember you that Medicine is notable for it’s strict professionalism, discipline and rigorous practice. The human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems producing an organism which can never be artificially reproduced. “Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one”.

“The most important principle of our work is a wish that science and medicine were humane, highly intelligent, that the physician not only helped the person to overcome a disease, but also displayed kindness, high morals and worked for the positive development of mankind." I welcome those aspiring candidates to DNMU, who have a dream to serve the society as a doctor. Donetsk National Medical University's location, facilities, teachers and programs were all chosen to provide the students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their goals. DNMU spacious and modern facilities let our students feel the pleasant study atmosphere.

Rector of DNMU

About rector

He was born on 01.04.1953. He is an Corresponding member of National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine (2007)
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Latest news

Admission 2021-2022 is open!

Great news for everyone! Admission 2021-2022 is open for foreign students in Donetsk National Medical University. We are waiting for new students from all corners of the World. You can apply online now!

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Charity event medical students’ struggle with diabetes mellitus “

The prevalence of diabetes in the human population, on average, of 1-8,6%, the incidence in children and adolescents about 0.1-0.3%. In view of forms is not diagnosed in some countries the number reaches to 6%. As of 2012 diabetic sore about 210 million people worldwide. Diabetes mellitus – medical and social problem, according to statistical…

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78-th Scientific Congress of medical students and young scientists “Medicine of the XXI century”

19 and May 20, 2016 in the Donetsk National Medical University. Gorky took place in Kramatorsk Science Day – 78th Scientific Congress of Medical students and young scientists “Medicine of the XXI century”. Congress DONNMU is traditional, in which students have the opportunity to become acquainted with the scientific activities, listen to the reports and…

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Address: Velika Perspektivna 1, Kirovohrad-25015, Ukraine.



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