RectorDumanskiy Yuriy Vacilivich-Rector of Donetsk NMU

He was born on 01.04.1953. He is an Corresponding member of National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine (2007), the doctor of medical sciences (1991), the professor (1994), the Honored worker of a science and technics of Ukraine (2007), the surgeon-oncologist of the maximum category, the vice rector on scientific and pedagogical (medical) work (since 2005 till 2010), head of the department of oncology and radiology of faculty of intership and postgraduate education of M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University(since 2000.).

The leading scientist in branch of experimental and practical oncology.

The basic directions of scientific activity: improvement of methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases of a gullet, a stomach, straight line of guts, development of new approaches to operative interventions in oncology of a gastroenteric path, a pancreas, malignant tumours of language and the mucous membrane of the mouth directed on reconstruction of lost functions, development of new effective methods of complex treatment of malignant tumours, especially chemotherapy; development and introduction of the newest methods of medical rehabilitation of oncological patients, preservation of quality of their life and renewal of working capacity.


The author 327 scientific robot, including 25 books (monographies, textbooks, grants), more than 80 editions in foreign magazines. Has received 12 copyright certificates on inventions and patents. Has prepared 4 doctors and 11 candidates of sciences.

The vice-president of the Donetsk regional scientific organization of oncologists, the vice-president of problem commission of Ministry of Health and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine “Oncology”, a member of board of a society of oncologists and a society of beam therapists and radiological oncologists, chairman of specialized advice on protection of theses for a doctor’s degree of Donetsk national medical university, the academician of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of sciences (since 1995), the associate editor of 5 specialized magazines.

The basic scientific works: ” Formation of an artificial bladder from a direct gut ” (1995), ” Selected lectures ultrasonography pulmonary disease ” (2005), ” Algorithms of modern oncology ” (2006), ” Lectures on Clinical Onchology ” (2006), ” Pages of history of urology and nephrology ” (2006), ” Selected lectures in Clinical Oncology” (2009).